Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kitchen Garden

Here is the kitchen garden now.  Yesterday I added a raised bed.  As usual bottom is lined with chicken wire to prevent mole damage.   I planted tomatoes.  This time the deer/rabbit fence is vertical.
 There is space in this format for 2 more raised beds.  Then it will be three by three.  It does not have to be that formal.

I planted the tomatoes deep, as is the recommendation.
 Instead of a gate, the chicken wire on one side is looped over screws and held in place by clothes pins.  The fence posts are screwed to the sides of the bed using deck screws.

On the sides that do not open, the chicken wire is stabled to the frame.  To frustrate and annoy rabbits.

I don't think the deer will jump in.  I read they don't like confined spaces.
The lighter-green tomato was in the raised bed with radishes and snow peas.  I don't know why it's lighter green.  Maybe not enough nitrogen.  The other plants in that bed are quite green.

This soil is 50/50 compost topsoil mix from recycler.  That might green it up.

I have some seedling tomatoes at home that will also be added.  Maybe next week.

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