Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I've planted several Buddleia hybrid shrubs around the Battleground place.  They are sterile hybrids, meaning they do not produce seeds.  Buddleia davidii is illegal in Oregon due to prolific seed production resulting in invasion of the plants into wild places, but sterile hybrids are legal.

Since I bought them at Portland nursery, I wondered about their legality in Washington State.  So I looked it up.

Image is from Wikipedia commons, public domain.  The images of the hybrids I bought are similar, but not identical to this flower.

I wanted Buddleia shrubs due to fast growth for some privacy, and good nectar source for insects.  Especially honeybees, but also other nectar collecting insects.

According to the WA noxious weed website, Buddleia davidii (again, the fertile one) is a Class B noxious weed.  Quoting, "Class B Weeds:  Non-native species presently limited to portions of Washington. Species are designated for control in regions where they are not yet widespread. Preventing new infestations in these areas is a high priority. In regions where a Class B species is already abundant, control is decided at the local level, with containment as the primary goal."

So the species would be considered an issue.  That does not designate sterile hybrids which, by definition, can't be invasive.  In King County, Buddleia davidii are on the nonregulated noxious weed list, which means they are not forbidden but are discouraged.  However, I'm not in King, I'm in Clark County.  I also looked up the Clark County list.  Again, it lists Buddleia davidii, but not hybrids

I think I'll be OK growing these varieties.  I feel like I have to be a lawyer to figure out what I can grow.  Gardening should be a respite.....

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