Saturday, January 12, 2013

Varmint Continues to Chew Fig Trees.

Petite negri.  Chewed bark.  Branches snipped of completely.

The only new damage to any trees or shrubs, is the figs.  And that's every small fig plant.  None was totally spared.

So now I've placed chicken wire screening around each of them.  It won't stop the damage that's already happened, but maybe it'll make life more difficult for the guilty varmint.
Sal's Fig.  Some chewing damage to bark.  Buds chewed off.  I think it will come back OK with minimal damage.  Now covered with chicken wire.  Some side bark is chewed, but I think it will survive.
Petite negri with chicken wire.  Mice could get through it, but I don't think it's mice.  I don't think mice could carry away the twigs that are missing.
King fig.  It's really a clean snip.  No twig nearby.  It was only a foot tall anyway, but dammit.  Lower buds should give a comeback in Spring.

King and Petite negri are duplicates.  I can start more if needed.

I read that animals don't like fig plants due to the toxic latex sap.   So why are they going after the fig plants, and only the fig plants?

Earlier this fall, the flowers were eaten off a Red Twig Dogwood.  They were at about 3 foot height, clean cut as with these King fig plants.  That's why I think it's the damn deer.

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