Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Looking Forward to Gardening, 2013.

Beekeeping.  I'll plant a lot more nectar bearing plants, especially clovers. The nectar bearing trees should add more blooming potential each year. That includes fruit trees, lindens, and others. Ning wants a wildflower meadow. That fits the bee concept, perfectly. Plus there are 2 big wild cherry trees, big swaths of wild blackberry brambles here and nearby, small orchards, and the big buckeye tree. As the orchard grows, there should be a lot more nectar and pollen. (Illustration, source unknown)
I've signed up for another class on beekeeping in Jan. The beehive kit needs to be put together before bee season starts. I should do that in Jan or Feb.  I may build a second hive in case there is a swarm, or to have in Vancouver.  (Illustration source unknown)
Overplant the grass with more clover, to add soil nitrogen-production.
The plums need deer cages.. I've put in the posts, next comes the fencing.
Add 2 persimmons, ordered, bare root.
Add 2 sweet cherries, yet to order, bare root. Remove the 2 apples to a different area. They are small enough to move easily.
Finish putting in fence posts for vinyard while soil is moist and easy to work.  The wires can be installed while the vines grow.
Plant one ordered bare root grape vine and some grape cuttings from the Vancouver vines.  Price grape, maybe Interlaken.  (Illustration source, this blog, 1910 postcard, Des Plains IL)
Raised beds. Three built, 6 to go. I can build 2 or 3 per weekend. No hurry.  Some need deer protection fencing. Some need season extender hoops/row cover. The last ones can be built in April, maybe May. (Illustration source, this blog, 1940 Postcard, Toronto).

 That's about all of the major stuff. The rest is the usual - plant veggies, pruning, puttering.

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