Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Some more new Iris varieties

These are via C&T Iris Patch, and are not yet shipped.  Couldn't resist.  The prices are very good, but I have not seen what the shipped rhizomes look like yet.  I'm hoping that, by growing them in Colorado, these will be durable varieties.  Also, I will make a bed for them at the Battleground place.  I'm thinking of the space between trees in the mini-Orchard.  It will be quite a few years before the fruit trees are big enough that too much shade will be an issue. Despite wanting to increase heritage varieties, most are fairly recent. Some are antiques. The photos are from the catalog - I hope that's OK since I linked to it.

Romeo. French firm Millet et Fils, from 1912
Diety. Monty Byers, 1988
Leprechaun's Delight. Developed by Weiler, 1986. Miniature Iris.
Los Coyotes. Developed by Burseen, 1992
Northwest Progress, Schreiner's 1997.
Fire on Ice, Weiler, 1990.
Pink Millenium, Schick, 1999.
Suncatcher. Ensminger, 1992.
Sweet Reflection. Maryott's, 1991
Whole Cloth. Cook, 1958 While at Portland Nursery, I saw this potted iris on the 50% off table, so bought it as well.
Iris is "Cherry Garden", photo is via " Cherry Garden was developed by Jones in 1966, and is a miniature."

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  1. I had no idea there were so many different colors of irises! Your photos are lovely.