Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bakyard Orchard Walkabout

Midsummer, the yard and backyard orchard is jungle-like in greenery.
On the left Illinois Everbearing mulberry. This is year #3. Not many mulberries yet, but the ones I get are incredibly good.
Container gardens, tomatoes, beans, onions, peppers.
Left to right, pole beans, King fig, Sal's fig (in white pot), Bonanza miniature peach (2 peaches this year - leaf curl disease again), and some branches of Lattarua fig.  The Sal's will move to the Battleground place soon.
The purple leaf tree is Hollywood plum.  The plums are still firm but getting closer.  On the far left, one of the ginkgos I grew from a seed, now about 10 feet tall.  Half as tall as the one the same age, in the back yard.  The difference is likely the benefit of watering, improved soil, lots of dog "product" over 10 years in the back yard.  The mulch is made from prunings I took from the cherry trees.
The grass is brown for the summer.  It will grow back.  Apple on the right is Jonagold.

Charlie standing by Liberty Apple.
The yellow fruits are Shiro plum. We've eaten a few. This week they should be in full juiciness and sweetness.
Today I noticed the summer figs starting to soften. Maybe a week away? This is variety "Petite negri", red inside, blue-black outside. My favorite.


  1. A lot of hard work that will bear much good fruitage literally as well as figuratively. Thanks so much for the tour of your little spot of Eden!

  2. Thank you Raymond, and thanks for reading! For me it's not work, so much as "puttering meditation", welcome solitude, recharging my emotional batteries. Also fruits are the ultimate "slow food", since they can take years from initial planting, to food on the table. But so much more flavor than from grocery store.