Thursday, August 16, 2012

Iris Progress Report

I went temporarily non-organic for the iris "intensive care unit". I wanted them to get a head start before fall, so rather than leaving them dormant, I've been fertigating them with 1/4 tsp miracle grow for tomatoes, per 2 gallons water. Once they are settled I'll go back to organic. Since Miracle Grow is mineral based, at least I'm not using petrochemicals. I don't know if this is good or not - they may be too green going into fall, so I am stopping the fertigation now. It's helped a lot getting new growth on what looked like very sad rhizomes. Most were "rescued" from what had become a weed patch. This bed is entirely new additions, so they are not rescues. These are American Classic (the largest plant) - amazingly vigorous new growth; NoID miniatures, either blue or yellow, that I rescued from near-dead rhizomes under a cherry tree, also growing fast, and Kissed By The Sun, which does not look so vigorous, but is finally putting on some growth. Edith Wolford, which I thought I might have killed - also very vigorous rejuvenation. There is also a rescued miniature, growing very well. Immortality. I thought these had the best chance, but are putting out average growth. More than some of the ICU irises, and less than some others. The goal with these was to fatten the rhizomes, establish root systems, and get some increase in number of growths - looks like that is accomplished, more or less. I'm violating some iris growing rules here, so we'll see if this is successful, or if I've killed them. I hope I have SOME bloom next May - I will be disappointed if not.

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