Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Iris Arrival and Planting

These are the irises from C and T Iris Patch. They arrived nicely packaged, nice fresh rhizomes and leaves. They appear to have been just recently dug and processed, nice. Well packed in excelsior. Two were labeled differently from the order - I emailed the seller and they responded almost immediately, this was a labeling error, that the irises as listed on the invoice were correct. Great service!

I really appreiate how carefully these were packed. The rhizomes tended to be a bit smaller than those from Scheiner's, but I can't complain since the price was much lower. (How does Schreiner's get the so big? Buch bigger than my established iris rhizomes). Also, they were much better than what I've bought in previous years locally, from big box stores, and they are much more fresh, there is more time for them to establish, and I get to support what appears to be a family business.  They may well bloom next Spring - that would be nice.
Since I've been so big on container planting, I opted to plant a few in this container - a wooden half-barrel-style container that I harvested garlic from last month. I plan to use fresh soil for next year's garlic, and only grow one container - more in raised beds at the country plane - so I had this one to spare. I planted them so they would grow from center to outward edge. They will need replanting in one to two years. These are the yellows - Los Coyotes, Love the Sun, Sun Catcher, and a rhizome from my patch of Sunny Delight, which I want to renovate or remove and plant the irises elsewhere since it's overgrown with grass.
These went into a planter box. They will need transfer to ground or elsewhere in one to two years.  This is a chance to get a head start.   I didn't have a good place prepared in the ground yet. I can move them onto the deck when blooming, then back to the yard when done. I pointed them as I did, with growth patterns in mind. The cut portion of the rhizome is near one edge, giving lots of room for the other end to grow. These Diety, Whole Cloth (heritage variety), Romeo (heritage variety), and Pink Millennium.

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