Thursday, August 03, 2006

Heliotrope, Bike log, Tomato time.

This is a heliotrope that overwintered accidentally. The pot went into the garage while cleaning the yard. It stayed dry all winter. It was brought back out when cleaning the garage. It started growing and here it is. It has been fed some compost, and now watered regularly. This winter maybe it will be overwintered intentionally.

The scents and fragrances make the garden a great place to putter. There is usually something during the entire growing season. The strongest ones now are lilies, heliotrope, lavender, and rosemary. Some basil and mint as well.

Bike: 60 miles this week. Varying the route to keep it interesting. Avoiding traffic when possible. I like checking on yards. There are quite a few fig trees around town, many with ripening fruit. Also, quite a few yards and tree spaces with ginkgos. Many yards have gone brown for the summer - either more people are thinking about water conservation, or just lazy about watering.

Shared tomatoes are popular at work. Lemon boy is producing enough to start sharing. Cherokee purple - great tasting, not that many tomatoes yet. I get a small cucumber about every 3rd day. The cool thing about trying new vegetables in the garden is that I eat things that I would rarely buy, like the cukes.

Plan for tomorrow:

Big-time homework day (arrgghhhh). Set aside to time for fig and tomato check for blog. Maybe bike to different work location to catch up some paperwork there in the afternoon, weather permitting. Posted by Picasa

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