Monday, July 31, 2006

Both beautiful in their own way

Biked to work today. 50 minutes. Took a less obvious route, felt safer and did not take any longer. Will sleep well tonight.

Picked 2 more PN figs. 2 ripe lemon boy, 1 small ripe cherokee purple.

Should be doing homework right now, there is enough of it. Is it possible to call in sick kwhen you are not on the clock?

Found a home for one of the big Hardy Chicago fig trees - a coworker who was born in the Near East. I hope that she likes it. It's hard for me to give them up after raising them for 6 months, from a little twig to a sturdy looking tree.

The lilies make it nice to be in the yard in the evening. Better than what the dogs leave there.

Petite negri fig has yielded 6 ripe brebas so far, and expect about 6 more. If the main crop makes it to fruition, that could mean dozens.

Brown Turkey has about 2 dozen main crop.

Brunswick has one breba which is starting to ripen, and a couple dozen main crop.

All-in-all, I'm very happy about the potential for this year's figs. They are finally starting to yield.

Will try to find an interesting link of some sort. Posted by Picasa

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