Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Four Herbs: Rosemary, Chinese Chives, Thyme, Rose Geranium

Creeping Rosemary - strongly fragrant, pine - lavender scent. Good in marinade for vegetables.

Chinese Chives - garlic flavor, good in stir fry and Chinese dumplings

Thyme and Rose Geranium - I havent used in food. Bees like the thyme blossoms and it makes a good groundcover. The Rose Geranium has a great herbal scent.

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Too tired for any other comments. Bulb catalog came - but are any more needed?
Bike another 9 miles each way, 54 miles so far this week. It's not the bike that makes me tired, it's the stress of the workday. 208# BP 139/86 HR 65

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