Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Apple Grafting Update. 6.17.17

Jonathan on Jonared.  6.17.17
 Here is a grafting update.  Most of the grafts are doing well.  I accidentally broke off the Honeycrisp graft that I added to Winecrisp.  Firecracker red flesh crab did not take, but Grenadine red flesh apple did.  Apple grafts doing well:  Opalescent, Jonathan, Airlie Red Flesh, Fameuse, Dolgo Crab, King David, Sweet 16, Grenadine.  Last year's Airlie Red Flesh has 5 apples, Newtown Pippin has one, and Baldwin about 6. Milo Gibson and Sweet 16 that were very slow, have taken off and growing like gangbusters.  
Dolgo Crab on Jonared.  6.17.17

Grafts on Winecrisp.  6.17.17

Grenadine on multigraft.  6.17.17


  1. Wow, nice work. Have some success with apple but not as much as I hope for but grafting time is only 7 month from now:-)

  2. Thanks. I'm looking forward to doing a few more grafts in 2018 as well.