Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Daylily Update. 6.28.17

Daylily "Carefree Peach"  6.28.17

Home made Daylily Hybrid, 1st Blossom.  6.28.17
 Dayliliies have started blooming.  The first in my yard is "Luxury Lace", an old variety developed by an amateur in her back yard.  The seccond is "Carefree Peach", which hasn't bloomed much for me before.  I don't recall this varety having green striped tepals (outer petals), but the effect is nice.

Another hybrid daylily, that I made by transferring pollen from one variety, to a flower of a different variety, has bloomed for the first time.  This one is a nice apricot color.  Small plant, somewhat ruffled petals.  Since the labels got messed up last year, I don't know the parents.  Guessing, one mislabeled but floriforous yellow with similar size and shape, crossed with pink Luxury Lace.  Then again, it could be any of them.

The first of my hybrids to bloom, was a very pale pink.  Almost white.  This one is quite different.

I may move this new one into the flower border.  Nice flower, and I'm not as  likely to miss watering them in the border.
Daylily "Luxury Lace".  6.28.17


  1. I have a yellow day lily blooming, also. My orange one was earlier. We have wild tiger lilies all over central Indiana. Nobody's said they were invasive, but it sure seems like it.

    1. I don't know that I think every invasive plant is bad. If they are not crowding other plants out of the ecosystem, but just sort of adding more to the picture, that seems OK to me. We had the orange daylilies in Missouri too. I keep thinking about learning to cook the flowers, a common thing in some Chinese dishes.

  2. There's a little tang to the lily bud. Usually stir-fried or in stews. I wish I can grow tiger lily, it just didn't do too well in CA. It was wild in PA.

    1. Good in salads, too. I grab a blossom and eat one petal at a time. She loves me, she loves me not... LOL