Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Methley Plums. 6.28.16

Methley Plum.  6.28.16
I thought this year there would be no plums.  There are not massive numbers, but there are enough for some bursts of orchard flavor.  This is Methley.  I think it's 1/2 Prunus cerasifera, so similar to Hollywood.  The same tree has a graft of Shiro, starting to color up, and a graft of Hollywood, no plums on that this year.


  1. So lucky to have plums. I have some but the coon got them before I know it got ripe.

  2. The squirrels get mine, especially the plums that start to ferment on the tree. It's funny to drive up and see happy squirrels bounding around the yard with plums in their mouths.

  3. Larry, I"m glad you were able to make the squirrels happy! My grandfather used to feed the squirrels during the winter, but became angry at them when they ate his peaches.