Thursday, June 09, 2016

Fava Harvest. 6.9 16

Favas Ready To Harvest.  6.9.16
 Every now and then I discover something that has been around forever but I never tried.  Favas are the next item.  I planted favas 2.13.16

They grew great.  These were amazing plants, growing before almost I could plant most other kitchen garden seeds or plants.  They were vigorous and problem-free.

I didn't know when to harvest.  The beans have grown large, so I cut a batch today.  After shelling them, I boiled for one minute, poured them into cold water, then peeled the beans.

I've never tasted favas before.  They were delicious.

Harvested Fresh Favas.  6.9.16

Shelled Favas.  6.9.16
 There are several more harvests on the plants.  Something to look forward to.

Since I"m just now planting regular beans, this is a chance to to grow and harvest legumes long before the usual bean.  The prep is a little tedious, as noted by others, but they are so delicious, they are worth the effort.

I ate a fair amount with no further prep.  Others, we had on salad with lettuce, fresh snow peas, and sliced tomatoes, with a Ceasar dressing.  Very good.
Parboiled, Peeled Favas.  6.9.16



  1. Wow, this is the right stage to harvest, dark green color and so tender. when the beans turn to a more yellow color its best to use it as dried beans and also hummus because it got this starchy taste to it by then. Hot weather makes it mature faster so if you want tender tasting beans better eat it while the temp still not hot. My season is kind of over. They are all toward the yellowing stage. Someone at the community garden stole all the farva beans from everyone including mine. Every single beans are gone. Well, its absolutely delicious but there are such thing such as a grocery store. Luckily, I've a home patch to enjoy. Happy for your harvest.

  2. Lance, that's good to know. I have lots more to harvest right now. Making hummus from them sounds like a good thing. I make it from garbanzos, all of the time. How irritating that someone stole yours. I would feel angry. Here it's deer and rabbits. If you like venison and rabbit stew, maybe this is the place for you.

  3. There are a lot of sad things that happen in this world for no rhyme or reason. What we can do is just go on and try to do our best. There is a special hell for those who hurt people. We need to turn our chins up pick up the pieces and go and plant more stuff.

    1. Lance you got that right. Always good advice.