Sunday, November 08, 2015

Walking Around. More Fall Color. 11.8.15

Volunteer Seedling Japanese Maple, and Seedling Ginkgo.  Ginkgo seeds from Vancouver WA, about 6 years.   11.8.15

NoID Japanese Maple.  11.8.15

Leaf Color, Nikita's Gift Persimmon.  11.8.15
Illinois Ginkgo from seed my Dad collected in mid 1990s.   11.8.15
Leaf Colors on Saijo Persimmon.  11.8.15

Ning's seedling Ginkgos.  He wants to prune these to a big bonsai-like ornamental.  Seeds collected Vancouvern WA as above.  11.8.15


  1. Beautiful pictures, Daniel. Thanks for sharing. I hate to say this, but I'm going to cut down one of my persimmon trees. I have 4 "males" and only 2 "females". I don't need one male. I'll just have to be steely about my decision.

  2. Randy, as long as your male trees are all producing pollen, you should only need one to pollinate the females. If you know someone who can graft, you could convert the one or more of the male trees to female using female scion.

    Persimmon sex is very confusing. For American persimmons, it used to be that they were either male or female, and pollen from males was required for females to make fruit. Then, some females were found that could make fruit without a male. Those are seedless. Yates - also called Juhl - is a variety from Indiana that is considered able to make fruit without pollen. These are called parthenocarpic.

    There are some females that have occasional male flowers. Szukis sometimes has male flowers, sometimes has female flowers, and sometimes has both. I read Szukis is progeny of the variety Early Golden which also has fluid sexuality - not sure about that. Several varieties are available as parthenocarpic. Often, nurseries don't state if a variety is parthenocarpic, or just hint at it ("seedless fruit".

    Asian varieties are even more confusing.

    In Indiana there is a persimmon orchard with improved varieties representing decades of hobbyhist work. Some varieties are available for sale.

  3. Have you ever over fertilize your Japanese Maple and burn it?
    I gave it some compost and it died back to the base and now it sprout out some new growth. I think because we have such a bad drought and the compost was too strong. I try to regularly water it but obviously not enough.

    If I buy a Fuyu do I need 2 trees?Yikes

  4. Lance, Fuyu persimmon is parthenocarpic. That means it does not need a pollinizer. It will bear fruit just fine without a second tree, and the fruit will be seedless.

    You can just plant one tree. If there is a male Asian persimmon tree nearby, then there may be more fruit, and the fruit may have a different flavor and have seeds. This info is from the UC Davis Persimmon Fact Sheet.