Sunday, November 22, 2015

First Frost. 11.22.15

First Frost.  11.22.15
Today was the first killing frost at Battleground.  I'm kind of glad.  Now I can clean up the flower borders and the remainder of the vegetable beds. Yesterday this nasturtium was vigorous and full of life.  Not much there for frost to kill - nasturtiums, four o'clocks, marigolds.

I'm trying to keep the sunroom from frosting.  I have a heater on a timer.  Last night it got into the low 50s which is OK.  In the sunroom, I  have fruit seedlings and daylily seedlings, as well as orchids and cactuses.

I have a long list of changes for the home orchard when late winter rolls around.  I keep changing it based on internet research.  Mostly new grafts, and a few new trees.  Main criteria are disease resistance, non-mainstream varieties, heritage varieties, and potential for better performance in this climate.


  1. And my nasturiums are buried under 4" of snow! And I heard that the temperature broke a record at minus 1 degree!
    Good luck with your winter projects. Wish I had a sunroom.

  2. I don't have a sun room so the kitchen will do. Pepper plants with peppers and the most tender stuff. No frost here yet. Looks like another overly warm winter here is CA. First rain fell, we are grateful for that. Happy Turkey Days everyone.

  3. Lance, Kitchen can be great for peppers and other tender plants. Need some room to prepare food :-) Glad you got some rain. We'll see what Mr. El Nino has to say about the weather this year. Happy Turkey days to you and yours!