Monday, November 30, 2015

Pink Banana Squash. 11.30.15

Ning, Pink Banana Squash, Long Island Cheese Pumpkin.
  Earlier this fall.

Now cooking up Pink Banana Squash. If I remember correctly, this was 16 pounds. The Long Island Cheese pumpkin was a little less. We cooked one of the pumpkins already. The first step is cut it open. A cleaver and rubber mallet seemed like the safest approach. Lots of flesh. Lots of seeds to roast. 2nd step, scoop out seeds, place on baking pan, add a cup of water, cover the end with aluminum foil, and bake for 1 hour, until a fork easily pierces the skin.

Out of the oven, one hour  at 350F.

After cooling  to almost room temp.  Soft, tender flesh scoops out easily with a large spoon. 

Scoop into food processer and briefly puree. I'm not certain this is needed, the flesh is very tender.

After this, I set aside 2 cups for a pumpkin pie. The rest is frozen in 2 cup portions for future baking. I either place them in glass containers with tightly sealed top, or heat-sealed freezer sealer bags that vacuum out all of the air.


  1. Yummy, hats off to you the pumpkin master. I'm not much of a pie maker. I would make soup and such. I saw in the supermarket that there's a such a thing as pumpkin cookies. The shark fin melon have consumed my time and I totally forgot about growing winter squash. Now I really crave some butternut.

  2. Lance, the last step was to measure out one cup and two cup portions, into vacuum pack freezer bags, and freeze. I use one 2-cup portion for a pie. This squash was sweeter than the usual pumpkin.

    Last year I used butternut squash the same way. Also delicious.

    i need to learn how to make pumpkin soup. Sounds good.