Thursday, January 08, 2015

Yamamoto Dendrobium Hybrid. 1.8.15

Yamamoto Dendrobium nobile hybrid.  1.8.15
This was unlabeled when I bought it, years ago.  Probably more than 5 years.  I think the variety is "Fancy Angel, Lycee".  Blooms intermittently, reliably, very nice.  I usually just water, sometimes some MG - Tomato at 1/4 tsp per gallon.


  1. I've not gotten any Nobile to bloom yet, Ok alive. But I have several dendrobium type that did really well outside and inside. I think Nobile's from Thailand and Kingianum's from Australia. Jan is a real great time for lots of orchid to bloom.

  2. I think you are right about origins. Nobile's do really well for me, better than any other orchid. Nice, this time of year.

  3. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Daniel, the Dendrobium in question is certainly not Fancy Angel 'Lycee'. That one doesn't have a brown/maroon spot in the throat. I think it's Love Memory 'Fizz'.

    1. Thanks, probably right. All are from unlabeled purchases, and I identified from photos. I have both Fancy Angel 'Lycee' and Love Memory "Fizz', so I must have mixed them up.