Saturday, January 17, 2015

Planting a lily. Early signs of spring. 1.17.15

Tiger lily bulbs  1.17.15

Germinating Daffodils  1.17.15
The "Joy of Gardening" bulbs at Fred Meyer are kind of a mixed bag.  Some are mislabeled, and some don't grow.  But most are OK.  I buy them on impulse, anyway.

So bought these lily bulbs, and planted today.

The daffodils start coming up now.  They don't mind frosts or hard freezes or ice or snow.  Still a long way to bloom.  Nice to see something already growing.   These are replants from a big clump of Jetfire I divided last summer.  Then left them sitting out and some were moldy.  Seem to be growing fine anyway.


  1. You must have a lot of rain, your ground looks soggy. Lucky your daffodils don't mind. My gingko seeds are sprouting out today. Only those I put in the fridge for months have sprouted. I guess those not been treated with cold doesn't germinate because I started them at the sametimes. I have some tigers but they were started out from pretty small bulbs so the plant is very small and weak. I have star gazers, and casa blanca which is the biggest and showier then the others.

  2. More than an nch of rain yesterday! I dont like planting in the rain, concerned sbout soil compaction, but wanted to get it into the ground as soon as possible.

    I dont know if ginkgo requires stratification. I always plamt in the garden in fall. Not last year - I have too many ginkgo trees now. Good luck with yours!

    Casa Blancas are great! especially at night, brilliant whitesnd fragrant.