Monday, January 05, 2015

New Vision. 1.6.14

The big pupil should get back to normal in a vew days.  Behind it, not visible, is a new lens.   Now I can see to read, look at photos, graft, pollinate, type, write,look at bees and bugs,  and do a lot of other things that work better with 2 working eyes.  The right one was like looking through wax paper. 

Science and technology can be wonderful, sometimes.

Que in Pharrell Williams, "Happy".


  1. You got surgery to have a new lens?
    Not Lasik, right? I hope you can see better for it. I need my reading glasses really bad. With better eye sight, you can spot the eagles and graft that scion so much better. I'm happy for you.

  2. Actual new lens inside the eye. Basically that one went from legally blind to being like hi definition. Wonderful!

    The other was ok. But this being the dominant eye, it made a tremendous difference!