Thursday, June 19, 2014

Starting Morning Glory and Hollyhock Seeds. Also some deck Plants. 6.19.14

Morning Glory Seeds at 2 days.  6.19.14

Hollyhock Seeds Sprouting at 2 days..  6.19.14
 The seeds toweesprouted quickly on the heating mat.  I read it can require weeks.  These were soaked in water for about 12 hours, then placed on moist paper towel in ziplock bags.  The bags are sealed and set on the heating mat.  This morning I saw they were sprouted, so added a little more water.

Now I filled plastic flowerpots most of the way with potting soil.  Watered the soil.  Placed the sprouts on the soil.  If the root was long, I gently made a hole for the root with my finger.  Then barely covered them and gently watered.

The temp outside is 60s night, about 80 day.  They are on the north side of the house so they don't overheat.

I think the black ribbed Japanese eggplant makes a nice decorative plant.

The black calla lily is about 3 years old.  I overwintered it by letting the container dry out, then placed in garage in October before first frost.  Super easy.
Japanese Eggplant.  6.19.14

Black Calla Lily.  6.19.14
The four O'clocks are almost blooming.  They have little hint of color in the flower buds.  Might need another week of warm temps.


  1. Wow. That eggplant really is nice. I would never have thought.

  2. I thought so too, once it started growing. They would be an elegant and slightly bizarre patio plant.

    The flowers are sort of like a petunia,, and almost as large, lavender. But they point down, so you have to be at plant level to see them.