Thursday, June 26, 2014

Four O'Clocks. 6.26.14

4 O'Clocks "Marbles" 6.26.14

Four O'Clocks "Marbles"  6.26.14
 The first of the 4 O'Clocks have started blooming.  This is the 4th day of flowers.  The flowers last one day, then are shed.  Each flower has unique variagation, no two the same.  This is the variety "Marbles"   at 7:45pm

The first day there was only 1 flower.  The second day, 2 flowers.  Now there are dozens of buds in various stages of formation.

There are other colors.  One other plant is yellow on white, but no flowers today.

I have one of the variety "Marvel of Peru" that had one flower on the deck yesterday, yellow with bright red stamens.  No flowers today.

I think when they take off they have dozens of flowers.  Making a nice start now.

These are container grown, on the deck.  They have sunshine for most of the day.
Four O'Clocks "Marbles".  6.26.14
Four O'Clock "Marvel of Peru" Yellow.  6.27.14

Four O'Clock "Marbles" Yellow/White 4.27.14

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