Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Flowers. Yellow Season. 3.15.14

Jetfire Daffodil.  3.15.14

Forsythia.  3.15.14
 This is the season of yellow flowers.  Especially, daffodils and forsythia.

The Jetfire  clump started as, I think, 3 bulbs about 12 years ago.  This year they are asking to be divided and replanted.  Always one of the first to bloom.

The forsythia is settled in now.  It is about 16 months ? from moving the large bush to the Battleground place.  Variety unknown.  I grew from cutting.  Might fill in and give more color as it establishes.  I happy with this result.

Front beds at the Battleground place.  Almost done cleaning them up.  A few square feet at a time.  Happy with how it's turning out.   Shows that bulbs can be moved in late winter and give flowers that Spring, if careful to move them as a generous clump with as much undisturbed soil as possible.
Front beds.  Almost cleaned up.  3.15.14

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