Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Flowers. Blue season. 3.15.14

Chionodoxa self seeded colony
Anemone blanda

Chionodoxa  3.15.14
Volunteer violets.  3.15.14
Early spring also has blue flowers.

I'm  happy with the Anemone blanda.  Even though the package illustration was of multiple colors, and mine are all  blue.  They are tiny.  So far rabbits and deer have not eaten them, unlike Anemone de Coen.   They survived the hard freeze.   This experiment turned out nice so far.

I don't know the blue bulb with tiny plant and tiny flowers, spreading at the Vancouver place.  It stared as just a few.  I wouldn't call them invasive, just exuberant.  Addendum:  These are Chionodoxa.  from google search, I think Chionodoxa luciliae.

Some people think violets are invasive but here, these wild violets are well behaved.  They spread slowly.  Once in a while one pops up in a new place, or in the lawn.  When I see them, I move them into a flower bed or around trees.  They spread slowly.  Their mat of roots or rhizomes is tight enough that not much grows among them.

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