Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Raised Bed. Progress Report.

I pulled the soil thermometer out of the soil.  The air temp outside was 50F. The temp of the soil was 60F inside the row cover tunnel. This row of radishes has germinated. The snow peas seem to be germinating.  At the front are some cuttings I stuck into the soil.  Buddleia, a rose. And German Camomile plants. This is the first raised bed.  I started itlast fall. Garlic and Multiplier onions have perked up nicely. Chinese Chives starting to grow.  Looking nice for Feb.  On the right, the "Illinois" heritage Chinese Chives have put on 2 incesh of growth, thick and lush. The bigger growing, less delicate Changchun Chinese chives are on the left.  Very hard to see. They are starting to grow.  They will catch up and pass the Illinois Chives, growing much larger by mid Spring.  I also planted more seeds of the Changchun Chives. If they germinate I'll have a big stand of them.


  1. Your grass is so GREEN! I'm in Ontario and we still have snow. My garden blog is barefoot-squarefoot.blogspot.com if you want to check it out. Not much happening right now though due to winter. I wish I could live on the west coast. :)

  2. Thanks Shannon. It's remarkably green now! This is the green season. Come summer, it will be brown. Even though this isn't square-foot gardening, there are similarities. It's a useful concept.