Thursday, May 03, 2012

Fig Progress Notes

Most of the figs have a lot of brebas - little early figs resulting from overwintering buds. They have small tufts of leaves at the ends of branches.
I removed these Desert King saplings from the half-barrel that I had chili pepper plants in last year. I had stuck several King prunings into the growth medium late last winter and gave them no more care during the season than the other plants in the barrel had. Over the winter it looks like about 1/3 of the cuttings died of frost, but several remain. I repotted these two. The one on the left was very long, and I had pushed it in deeply. Most of the roots were at the lowest end of the cutting.
The Desert King fig tree has many many brebas now. I an reluctant to prune until after they ripen, mid to late summer.
Petite negri that I grew from a cutting and basically neglect. It has brebas as well. One of these days I want to find a permanent place in the ground for this tiny tree. It grows slowly - the parent took about 6 years to reach 6 foot tall.
The Sal's fig sapling that I haven't found a place to plant. Even though it was overwintered in an exposed setting, in container, it survived and has some brebas. It's only about a foot tall. It needs a place in the ground as well.

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