Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bumblebee Delite - a small flowered variety. I need to clean it up so that it blooms better next year. Not fragrant.
"Liaison". It's been blooming for 10 years, and is is several places in my yard. I think it's time for a selected special location. fragrant.
Spiced Custard - a subtle color combination, bought at a big box store about Oct 2010, this is the first bloom. Nice. Not so fragrant. Mid size, more compact than some of the others.
This is the plan - edging to keep the grass out. For newer plants that are not too large, 2 or 3 can go into a group. For established selections, there may be one in a group. For rescues I may add several to the same group. These are slightly raised, to reduce risk for rot. The edging should keep grass out.

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