Saturday, June 04, 2011

Fig progress report.

So far the fig trees are looking great this year. Several are loaded with brebas. I can't complain.

King fig. This variety is considered breba-only, so if no brebas, no figs. I've kept it pruned as a bush, branching from ground level. If all of these develop into figs, I'll be very blessed. This tree may be benefiting from the Southern exposure.

Lattarula, also considered breba-predominant. I think this is the most it's ever had at this point. Ditto on the southern exposure comment.

Petite negri, a handful of brebas. It's always produced a few. Not a lot. Can't complain.

This Sal's deserves a permanent spot. I grew it from a cutting. The first year it didn't sprout so I left it in the tomato patch as a stick. The second year it grew, then a rogue chicken at it off. The third year it grew, and I left it in place. The 4th year I moved it into a pot, then forgot it and it dried out. The 5th year I left it out in the hard freeze - it was outside all winter, even in the coldest freeze. Here it is, still alive. It really does deserve a trial of actual horticulture instead of neglect and punishment.

Sal's fig again. Having been so inspired, I gave it a new container, about twice the volume of the prior container. The white color will keep the soil cooler. I also provided a dose of fish emulsion to promote growth. This year it will get the good treatment that it deserves.

I was surprised to discover that this neglected Petite negri fig, which I started a few years ago, was still alive. I was certain that it died in the big freeze, and never bothered to look or water it. I picked up the container to clean it out, and lo and behold there were swelling buds and a couple of leaves. I pulled out the weeds (pansies) and gave it some water, then a little fish emulsion. If I can find some potting soil, I'll pot it up as well.

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