Tuesday, August 10, 2010

reliable euphorbias

This red-leafed Euphorbia is great. I don't know the variety name. Each fall I let it dry out, then put it into the garage (nonfreezing) for the winter. Each Spring I say It's dead, but what the heck, I'll sit it outside and see what happens". Sure 'nuf, it always breaks into leaf again and makes for a handsome burgundy-leafed potted shrub. If I forget to water it, no problem, but it appreciates some pampering for better growth.

A more classic appearing Euphorbia splendens, with smaller flowers. I left it in a spare room, forgetting to water for a few months. Once I discovered my crime, I started watering again and here it is. It's not as tame as the other Euphorbia splendens - the stems are more sprawling and twisty. In the full sun, the leaves take on a burgundy coloration, but inside the leaves are greener.

I grew this Euphorbia splendens from cuttings. It's equally tolerant of abuse. In the full sun, the leaf edges take on a red tinge. It's in a freely draining medium, and I water about once a week. I gave it and the others a boost of Miracle-grow, but otherwise they are very low maintenance.

These are green due to their low water use, and because the red-leaf variety can be kept to grow year after year, with no winter maintenance other than sitting dry in the garage. They require little by way of watering. The Euphorbia splendens is easy to grow from cuttings, so makes a great gift that requires no shipping or greenhouse culture.

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