Monday, August 23, 2010

Orchids at the Missouri Botanical Gardens Climatron

These were in the Climatron at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. I was there this weekend. I enjoyed seeing the orchids growing on the tree branches, much as I imagine they would grow in nature. These are probably all hybrids, but that doesn't matter. Also, not labeled so I have to make broad guesses about variety.
Schlumbergkia. This plant is very, very large. The flowers are interesting and beautiful.

Cattleya hybrid.

Miltonia, Angraecum, and Cattleya hybrid. Don't count too much on my knowing these species.

At a distance, orchids and other epiphytes growing on tree branches.

Im not sure - an Cattleya hybrid?

Another view of epiphytes on a tree branch.

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