Monday, August 16, 2010

The Master Bath is completed!

Here is the last installment on the Master bathroom. Some lessons learned:
(1) Even if you CAN do it, if you can't get it done, hire a contractor.
(2) Having done so, make sure you watch them thoroughly. It's not THEIR bathroom, they won't care as much as you do if the tiles don't match, or if the hinges are broken on the cabinet, or if the plumber cracks the drainpipe in his vice when cutting it.
(3) There may be such a thing as a plumber who takes professional pride in their work, but they are very rare. I suggest you look for a unicorn first, that would be easier.

(4) No matter how closely you watch, you wont get 100% of what you want. You have to accept that and know where to draw the line.
(5) If you think it will be great, give it a try. It might seem strange to remove the top from a credenza from Pier 1, add a stone counter top to it, and plumb it to make a vanity, but I think it looks a zillion times better than anything I saw premade. Plus, many of the premade ones are formaldelhyde-urea products I didn't want in the house.

(6) When you tell the contractor to cover the tub and shower pan with plastic so that it won't get grout and tile adhesive on it, and the contractor tells you "Not needed - it cleans up easily", ask him "on what planet" and insist. It doesn't clean up easily, it's a lot of work to do it without causing scratches, and some may never come off. This really is a case of them BSing me just for the sake of BSing, because putting down a sheet of plastic only takes a few minutes, but cleaning up the mess from not doing so takes hours.

Despite those comments, it would not be done if I hadn't hired someone, I'm glad I did, and this one did a great job (except for comments above).

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