Sunday, May 02, 2010

Kitchen Garden Log. Container gardens

The containers are doing great. I've been eating salads from the greens, lots of radishes and scallions. Carrots didn't grow.

Radishes and mesclun. These were "hail white radish". Very punguent, exactly the right size and readiness now. When pulled up, the mesclun will fill in a little better.

I filled the potting soil up to the top. When they grow a bit further, I'll come up with some kind of extension and add more.

The second potato planter, planted later. See earlier entries. This is not as far along. That's good, it will space out the harvest.

This barrel still has some mesclun, mostly lettuce, and a few scallions. Planted one little eggplant from Fred Meyer.

This barrel now done with the first mesclun, lettuce, and radishes. I pulled out the daikon - long and skinny, didn't work out. Planted a fe radish seeds, cherry belle which seems to grow small leaves. Because of the peppers, I'm covering it at night.

Lettuce is done, radishes (white icecycle) are done. I didnt like the white icecycle as much as hailstone and cherry belle. Those two were my favorites, then French breakfast. Spinach is almost done - it turned out very well. The peppers are yellow banana pepper and a yellow bell pepper, from Fred Meyer. I think they will be OK, the barrels are warmer than the ground.

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