Saturday, May 15, 2010

Irises have started blooming.

Each one that I look at is my favorite. Then another opens and THAT one is my favorite.

Inuendo. The first that I started here, now in their 9th year. They've been divided and moved a few times, and a few keep returning to the original location.

Edith Wolford. I never like photos of this iris, but in person it's amazing.

China moon.

China moon again. Sometimes close-ups are nice, but it's also important to see them in context of the garden. I'm not crazy about all of the flower pictures that show a decapitated bloom without including the rest of the plant or surroundings.

Bumblee Delite. A small variety. Lots of grass intermingled in this one.

Each year, I think the effort isn't worthwhile. Irises are difficult to keep clean, because their roots are so shallow, and the rhizomes are at ground level. This makes them almost impossible to weed. Then when they bloom, I just feel awe. They are worth it.

I have a few that I tried to start last year, from store purchases of rhizomes. They are a long, long way from blooming size - those little dried out rhizomes take a long time to become a blooming size plant, and many die over the winter. If I can keep them going, one might bloom next year. The other will likely take 2 years.


  1. Pretty Irises! I love it so much! I want to have that in my garden. Anyway, thanks for sharing.


  2. Found the tag. "Innuendo" is not that, it's "Liaison". I don't know why I kept calling it "Innuendo".