Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kitchen Garden Log: Barrel planters, hens, seedlings

I may hve put the peppers and eggplants out too soon. They are not looking as good as I hoped. We'll see if they perk up.

The 5 hens are producing 4 eggs daily. Someone is shirking. If I could figure out who it is, I would put her on a "Work Improvement Plan". As it is, the others seem to be covering for whoever it is. At least absenteeism is not an issue. They don't have a choice on tht. A good leader will reward them. Today I've been doing homework all day, so could not pull weeds for them, but I did put a watermelon rind through the shredder on the food processor - in seconds, a big batch of tasty morsels.

Potato barrel. My largest concern now is that I planted too many. As always, "we'll see"

Seeds planted 7 days ago, zucchini, squash, and cucumbers. I'm leaving them on the deck in the sun. It's overcast. When one set of leaves is developed, I'll plant them.

Peppers. They are sulking. Probably too cool, but with warmer weather now, maybe they'll start up again. The purple plant is basil. There are some little radish seedlings, I'm not sure how they will do. In the back, seedlings of bunching onions. I'll let them get bigger then pull them.

Kind of a mix now. Purchased eggplants, bigger. The lettudce and mesclun will be done in a week, leaving a lot more room. The heliotrope isn't planted yet, this may not be the right spot. Very fragrant. These onions will be allowed to develop tops, unless Ning pulls them. By tops, I mean these (Egyptian walking onions) develop clusters of baby onions on the top of the stalk, instead of a flower. Those are used to plant the next crop, for indefinite perpetuation of the variety. If these do get pulled, I have others in the borders that will make plenty of new sets.

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