Friday, May 09, 2008

Tomato planting time

After a trip away for a few days, now some time at home for a brief "staycation". The tomatoes look sturdy:

So I planted them. This year I learned from past mistakes and placed the stakes before planting the tomato plants.

In light of recent entries regarding phenology, "When the flowering dogwood is in peak bloom it is time to plant tomatoes, early corn and peppers. "

So here we are:

Also, the "Tomatoes can be set out when lily-of-the-valley is in full bloom." And it is (sorry, they are too small for this camera to do a good job photographing).

So, I planted most of the tomatoes. About 6 remain, due to my un willingness to throw away some 'duplicates' that I had thinned out at the seed-leaf stage and stuck in soil to see if ehy would grow. They did.

So what other phenological phenomena should I be tracking. Well,

The dicentra is blooming.

The miniature (early) iris have been blooming for one week.

The wisteria catkins reach from the 1st joint of my thumb to the end of my index finger.

The purple rhodie is starting to show color.

The strawberries have begun to bloom.

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