Saturday, May 31, 2008

Overwintered and other Geranium (Pelargonium)

Here are some of the overwintered geraniums (Pelargonium). The most successful and easiest approach was to have them in containers and just leave the containers dry out in the garage for the winter. This is the "cheap+lazy" method since it really doesnt entail much effort, and results in nice good-sized plants by early summer.

The variegated pelargonium was overwintered. It is just coming back into its own. The finely cut leaf pelargonium was just added. It is scented, citrus. The smaller flowers are sweet alyssum, probably coming up from seeds from ones that bloomed in the container last year.

So tell me, please - why do I need a peppermint scented pelargonium when I have peppermint-scented peppermint growing all over the place? Anyway, it does smell, strongly, like peppermint. This one is new, so is not an overwinter example.

This wals also overwintered as above. This one is pine scented and it smells very much like pine. The scent is stong. Cool. Each time that I walk past it, I pinch off some more and smell it. The dark purple leaves are part of a Tradescantia pallida. This did well in other containers, using the dry-for-the-winter system. I was also surprised to see one poking up in the strawberry border, surviving the winter in ground. That is probably a fluke, this is really a tender tropical plant.

This is another scented one. I forget the variety. It did not survive the totally dry method 2 winters ago - this was kept as a cutting over that winter. So this winter I kept it almost-dry in a cool sunny room. Also took a cutting, using the lazy-gardener's method of cut off a piece and stick into some potting soil and water like any other house plant. That worked too. I cleaned it up a bit, and stuck some cuttings in the ground or with other plants. If they grow, that's good. If not, nothing lost.

Just regular run-of-the-mill geraniums. The prior over-winter entries show how they looked coming out of the garage. 6 weeks ago the leaves were dry and crispy, and the stems didnt look much better. All that I did was clean them up and set them in a semi sunny location. Again, the lazy gardener's method of overwintering, and the cheap gardener's method of having some large geraniums for the deck. They'll be blooming soon.

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