Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ning's beans

Yesterday I planted more of Nings beans. Today I re-stringed their trellises. These are on the South side of the house, so they shade windows in the summer. Also the location is warmer in Spring so they might germinate and grow faster. It's hard to see the trellis - it's just cotton string, and doesn't show well in the photo.

The seeds that I planted were old ones from the bottom of the seed box, so I dont know how old they were. They did swell nicely on soaking. Then I found the package here, probably about 4 years old. So I soaked some of those to plant as well.

Just follow these simple instructions.... Maybe I'll have Ning translate when he returns from China later this month.

Finally, I found the seeds that I had saved last year. These will be planted if the others don't grow. They are about 5 or 6 consecutive years of saved seeds, so I'm hoping to continue them.

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