Thursday, December 13, 2007

Master Bathroom Project. Demolition.

Today my brain went on strike. I couldn't work (it was my 'day off' but I almost always work the whole day from home). Just couldn't. So, I pulled up the particle board layer from the master bathroom floor, removed some drywall, removed a wall that had separate the bathroom from the 'empty space', removed part of the wall separating the bathroom from the closet. Here is the result. Nice, from the bedroom you can't tell there is anything different.
The yellow part is the backing and framing that i did in the guest bathroom. this area will be used for the new shower location.
The 2X4's are salvaged for framing. These are nice, already aged and cured, straight, and of course, the recycling is environmentally friendly. Since they started out as framing, they may even be the right length for their new location. Maybe.
The particle board and mold are gone. The sub floor is soft around the toilet, but it will be relplaced anyway becaues the new floor calls for 3/4" outdoor grade plywood and a cement backerboard. The old subfloor is 1/2 inch indoor grade plywood. I'm very happy about getting rid of the mold.
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  1. ebeing6:30 PM

    Thanks for sharing your pictures, your room looks like my configuration- what year was your home built?

    Have you considered adding a spa to your space?

    Steam shower spas are looking like a good choice over a traditionally bathtub, what do you plan for this space?

  2. This house was built in 1964. The bathroom has had several new layers of flooring placed on top of the original, but I suspect that the plumbing is original.

    The plans show the new configuration. There will be a new jetted tub but not the steam spa.