Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Fig maintenance and garden bed cleanup

Today the worlds stopped a little, and I did some garden maintenance. It might be a bit early for pruning the figs, but I think it should be OK. All of the beds are mixed function, so even though this is the 'fig bed', it also contained the tomatoes, is bordered with strawberry plants, and contains some ornamentals along one side. In 2008 I think I'll remove some of the ornamentals, and grow fewer tomatoes. They did not do as well this year. Today, I removed the dead tomato vines, removed the posts, pruned the peonies, pruned the figs, and pulled a few weeds.

This Hardy Chicago fig made some puny attempts at figs in 2007, but it was too small (2nd season). I pruned for shaping, to keep it small and open.

This petite negri fig didnt make many brebas. Last year I left a fair amount of growth in hopes of a good breba crop. Today I pruned more aggressively, to maintain small size and open form. The hope is that without brebas, the main crop may arrive a little earlier.

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