Sunday, September 16, 2007

White Marseilles FIg

This is "White Marseilles" = Lattarulla = Lemon fig. It's been growing in a container for 3 years. This summer it "almost" had a fig but that fell off, so I've never tasted one from this tree.

It wasnt happy in the container, drying out too fast. The leaves are pale and look ready to fall off now, ahead of the other in-ground fig trees.

This location is the former home of a raspberry that got out of hand, the berries were small. I like the Fallgold better - bigger, sweeter, and smaller plant. So, I dug out the raspberry, and planted this tree into the ground. Added crushed eggshells for calcium, and covered the soil with a leaf compost mulch.

I lso planted 30 bulbs of a small narcissus around the edges, for Spring color.
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