Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bathroom Project

Posted by PicasaAnother step closer. Hired a plumber to finish the fixtures. First he spent a lot of time saying that the plumber who roughed in the pipes did it all wrong. Then he said that the new Toto water saving toilet could not be installed on the original drain pipe and that the tile coult not be drilled. So I did it yesterday, he was wrong on both counts and now we have a new water saving toilet. Then he only managed to get the sink 1/2 done, so I wound up finishing that. Apparently the original plumber installed the wrong pipe for the bath tub spout - a part will be sent in the mail to replace that, and I hope that it will work.
Still major progress in the right direction, with a working sink and toilet, ,and a tub that is 'almost there'.
Now to spackle over the cement board above the tub, then prime and paint.

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