Sunday, September 16, 2007


I'm a BAD BOY.

All summer long, I've been watching this brugmansia limp along, anemic and rarely blooming, with yellowish leaves and not much growth. Finally, I gave in and gave it s little miracle grow (gasp!). It's responded in a big way, with the most flowers ever, the leaves are bright green, and it's put out some new growth.

OK, ONE plant got some miracle grow. Obviously, it was missing something - I did use Whitney's organic fertilizer when repotting it, and had given it some doses of fish emulsion, without much benefit.

Here's how I look at it. If someone cant absorb vitamin B12, we give them injections. If they have an infection ,we give an antibiotic. If they have cancer, we givce chemotherapy. That doesnt mean that living a healthy lifestyle with good balanced diet and daily exercise isn't the best for almost anyone, it's just that sometimes there is a situation where something 'extra' may be needed.

At least, that's how I justify it. Next year I'll give it a good dose of chicken poop compost, and see if that does the job.

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