Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fragrant Rose. Black Bamboo

This is Ville De Bruxelles, an antique variety of rose. It is very very fragrant, with a strong "old rose" scent. The shrub is about 18 inches tall and is 3 years old. It was in a bad location so may do better now.

This is a Damask rose. The internet photos are different. It was bought at Heirloom roses and DOES look like their photo. They state "One of the most sublime of old roses" and give a mature height of 5 feet, so it has some room to grow. It was raised in 1832 by Monsieur Hardy.

Here is some more information about this and other Damask roses.

This is a black bamboo that paused for 2 years, but now is growing rapidly.Posted by Picasa

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