Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bearded Irises In Bloom

Each year they become more impressive. The blue with blue & white falls was the earliest. The Yellow with brown falls is a 'rescue' - the tubers had been illegally discarded in the wild area where we walk the dogs. We 'discovered' the tubers lying in a plant-scrap-heap 2 years. We ago picked them up and replanted them here. They are about to bloom like crazy. If can locate the names of the others, I'll edit them into this entry. Several varieties are yet to bloom, which spreads the season out. The fragrance is something that I can't add to the blog. It's wonderful.
Addendum: I looked for the names of some of these irises. The yellow one is Sunny Disposition, which I suddenly remembered. (Why does my mind keep such trivial things and not important information?) Those were all from one tuber that I bought mail order about 4 years ago. Irises multiply! It's supposed to be a rebloomer. I also have Immortality which hasn't bloomed yet tihs year. It is also remontant, and did rebloom last summer. Jennifer Rebecca which has sickly leaves (and did last year) and is about to bloom; Liaison which is about to bloom; Edith Wolford is new (last summer, container plant) & doesn't look like it will bloom this year; China Moon is new (last summer, container plant) and almost blooming; Dusky Challenger was new (last summer, container plant) and almost blooming; Pink Attraction was new last fall (tubers only) and is about to bloom. It is also considered remontant.Posted by Picasa

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