Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday at home

Today was a "day off" onmy new schedule.
I hauled a truck load of leaf compost from H+H Recycling ($9.00 for 1/2 yard, which for me is a truckload). This was enough for about 1 inch layer on the "tomato beds". Planted some left-over multiplier onions at the edges. They were left in a cool room over winter. I forgot to eat them.
Dormancy update. Some geraniums are alive, but some look dead. Not ready to go out yet. The brugmansia looks OK. This method of overwintering might be "Darwinian" - those that don't survive - don't survive. Those that do, do.
Soon there will be rhubarb. It was given some fresh compost too (on top of scattered coffee grounds).Posted by Picasa

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