Saturday, March 03, 2007

Early Spring. No Daffodil blossoms yet.

Today was beatiful, into the 50s. The bathroom remodel took most of my "spare" time. Can't soak into the tub until there is a fully installed to soak in. Today I framed the new wall, with the exception of the supports for the pedestal sink.

In the yard -

No fruit or bulb blossoms yet. The lilac buds are swelling. The daffodils had nice fat buds, just not in bloom yet.

I planted a lily bulb the size of an artichoke. It was purchased last week at the yard and garden show. I forgot to record the variety - an "orienpet" which was listed as being very fragrant.

Hedychiums were planted in potting soil and will be kept in a cool room until they start to grow.

Some Zantedeschias were added to the borders.

That's about all for today.
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  1. Hmmm.. several plants that I am not familiar, probably not hardy here in zone 5.

    And that is an interesting picture. I assume that it was taken in front of school?

  2. I think that's correct.

    I did grow Zantedeschias (hybrid calla lilies) in a 3 gallon containiner, for several years, when I lived in Chicago. In the fall, I would let the container dry out, and store it in the basement. In the Spring, I just sat it outside and started watering it again. Each supper, they would give a nice display. In fact, I still have that container of Zantedeschia and continue to treat it the same way now, 12 years after starting with it.

    They could probably be treated the same way as cannas, gladiolus, and dahlias, dug and stored in the basement fairly dry. I haven't tried that here but it makes sense.

    Hedychiums are too new to me to know. I suspect that they become fairly dormant and could be stored in the basement too. Just speculation.

    The photo is another anonymous estate sale photo. Something interesting to look at. I assume it is a pioneer school somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.