Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Comments on Chickens.

Ning has his new chickens. 2 little Rhode Island Reds. I dont know what the other 2 are - something "blue" - I'll have to look up photos for identification when they are grown. They will be raised fo eggs (and pets, I think)

What's green about chickens at home?
- not raised in massive chicken farms, little environmental impact.
- chicken poop / is great for compost.
- they eat insects and grubs, reducing pests in the garden without chemicals.
- they connect us to a source of or nutrition, providing a mental link to earth as our provider.
- they eat kitchen scraps, providing another way to recycle food waste.

Apparently, chickens are allowed in most urban and suburban communities. However, not roosters. The numbers and locations have some limitations depending on individual city codes.

We bought a book on this topic from a local author. I may quote from it later (I've misplaced it tonight but it can't be far).

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