Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dreary Mid February. Rhubarb emerging. Pruned roses. Helleborus.

Ning likes to plant garlic cloves close together and shallow, and let the leaves grow to about 6 inches. He harvests the leaves to use as a vegetable. The cloves can support several crops of leaves. The Chinese word for this is "suan miao" which means "garlic sprouts".

Tamora is one mean rose - the thorniest in the garden. I sustained multiple lacerations while pruning this shrub.

According to Celtic legend, Tamara was a protective goddess of the river Tamar. She must have been a spiteful goddess.

According to Wikipedia, Tamara also translates to Sanskrit as "spice", which does describe the scent.

Spelled differently (with entirely different meaning?) Tamora was Shakespeare's queen of the Goths, who was taken prisoner by the Emperor Titus, Titus had her son killed in sacrifice for victory. In this review, Tamora had "menacing femininity" - she becomes the lover of the next Emperor of Rome, Saturnius, and arranges for a brutal revenge.

It may be too early, but the back rose bed is now pruned. Last year I pruned even earlier, and the buds emerged, then were frosted by a laste frost. However, the buds were emerging anyway, so I don't know if it matters. In a couple of weeks, the surface of the mulch will be cleaned, a layer of compost added, and the bark mulch added. Then it's ready for the year.

This is my favorite rose, for it's color, spicy scent, disease resistance, and rugged persistance.

OK, I cheated. I planted this 3 weeks ago. The other helleborus around the yard have buds but are not blooming yet.

It's nice to have something blooming in the gloom and grime. The slugs dont seem to bother these either, so far. Here is a website devoted to helleborus.

Emerging from the mulch (looking more like the muck currently). See prior entry for rhubarb to see what this looked like last summer. Here is another reference with some rubarb history and traditional medicinal properties (yum, the root - not the leaf stem - was used to induce vomiting).

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