Monday, February 26, 2007

Anigozanthos2. Portland Garden Show.

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Yesterday Ning & I went to the Portland Garden show. Lots of booths. Many of them (most?) of course, more about grills and hot tubs and decks than about gardening. Not really complaining - this is a business convention center and hippies in torn jeans are not going to finance a big garden show. It was fun to look at the booths. I did my part to support the venders, buying this Anigozanthos ("Kanga", burgundy) and a tuber for a hardy Ginger (Hedychium "Pink Flame", claiming to have the fragrance of apricot jam). I grew a hardy ginger a few years ago, but gave up after 3 years without a blossom. We'll see how this one does.

It's supposed to snow tonight. Will post if it does.

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